Climbing, hunting treasure, fly fishing, willow weaving… it’s all in a day’s team building

Team Building Day (12th July 2012)

A totally awesome team building day was had in the way of a “treasure hunt challenge” by the Front Line Team from BGL group.

Six teams of 12 contestants competed in six challenges including climbing, high ropes, fly fishing, willow weaving, bush craft skills, conundrums and more, with hopes of bagging the first place prize.


High octane speed challenge on the high ropes and climbing insured everyone’s blood was pumping, with a strong sense of cohesion uniting individual teams, and on the “light my fire challenge” the competition quickly heated up.

Comical scenes ensued in the tent pitching and fly fishing challenge and extreme concentration was written over everyone’s faces in the willow weaving (along with the odd innuendo thrown in for good measure).

All in all a fantastic day was had by all.

Big thanks to the BGL Front Line Team for their enthusiasm, competitive good spirits and quality efforts throughout the day!


BGL event feedback:

RockBlok received a thank you and feedback in the form of framed certificate, quoted within the certificate BGL wrote:

Awarded by Frontline to The RockBlok

“For their outstanding organisation, effort, creativity and fun at Frontlines summer Team Event on 12th July 2012

A fantastic time was had by one and all

Thank you”

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