Sticks a spark, some twine to bind, a place to dine!

Simple challenges, achievable goals, a positive and rewarding route to learning outcomes

Sticks a spark, some twine to bind, a place to dine!

Call it a den or a shelter, kids love the creative opportunity, the chance to build to construct a hide-hole, a place to gather, to hold a meeting a powwow! A place to plan, a place to imagine. In those short play time hours so precious, where time drifts by and is gone in an instance a bubble popped , a memory in time.

As an adult the word den, conjures up distant memories of learning and understanding or not understanding, of war games and arguments between opposing groups along with conflicting ideas between friends, where should the door be? how high should we build it? where will my place be within the den, near the door or deep within, a position of command! A place to retreat, a place to hide-to shelter.

Be it a child or an adult to build a den, or call it a shelter if you will is to call on our primaeval instincts, much the same as creating fire, a place to cook, a place to warm!

As an individual or working as a group here at Rockblok we can conjure up the setting providing the necessary knowledge, skills and materials. Whether a group of children or grown ups, to take part in these magical primeval skills will satisfy the inner craving to create and or return to the magic of dens, shelters and camp fires!

We cater for schools, colleges, youth groups and corporate groups. Either as a stand alone activity or as part of a combined package within the range of outdoor activities here at our centre.

Adventure, together we can make it happen!!

Give us a call, our friendly team awaits to discuss your next adventure…


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