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What’s on the Menu?

Fun and Fulfilment a Pie to inspire….

Picture this, the workforce, colleagues away from the all important hub of the workplace machine, now transported to a unique location surrounded by nature. The green canopy of Barnsdale Wood, the distant chatter of gulls and waterfowl, birds of the vast wetlands of Rutland Water. Add to this the opportunity to be taking part in and experiencing new and exciting challenges both as a team and as individuals.  It’s quite clear to see that involvement, support and understanding are just some of the components, the ingredients of a successful team, a pie to buy, an experience to inspire!

The all important ingredients:

Enjoyment (lots of)
Cohesion (bags of)
Integration (a sprinkling)
Learning (enough to taste)
Understanding (as much as required)
Strengths and Weaknesses (as much as you can pull together)
Involvement (a lorry load)
Values (enough to inspire)
Compassion and Empathy (add where necessary)
Vision and Realisation (as much as you can find)
Aspiration (add to taste)
Individuals (as many as you like)
Caring and Giving (don’t hold back, add it by the ton)
Bonding (enough to bind)
Adventure and Exploration (to taste)

The finished product should look something like this:


 Progression and Success + Fun and Fulfilment = GROWTH! (Both for the individual and in turn the TEAM).


Its all in the TEAM!!…

If you’ve been inspired by our “Team Pie” blog then give us a call..


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