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As a team you will need to navigate the trails and paths that surround our centre here on the North Shore of Rutland Water. You’ve been tasked with locating several stashes of fuel at pre-set locations that, once recovered, will provide a vital resource against the elements. With a polar North Easterly blowing and ominous grey sky’s promising rain, a shelter is going to be essential to help prevent the biting wind and damp conditions from chilling the team to the core. Although now protected from the worst of it, the cold temperatures persist inside the shelter only to be joined by the feeling of hunger setting in. The team now need to generate both warmth and heat for cooking. With the fuel already collected and fire steel in hand they now face the challenge of creating a sustainable heat source, the reward? Hot Food and comfort….


If you’ve been inspired by our Navigate, Build, Learn and Develop blog then give us a call and make it happen…

Price per person – £19.50 (half day of activity including lunch and refreshments)

Minimum number – groups 8+

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