We are delighted to confirm that EdExcel have formally adopted NICAS as their syllabus for the GCSE PE (Indoor Climbing) as part of Adventurous Activities. EdExcel have started to send the syllabus to academic organisations under ‘Meeting Local Needs’.

EdExcel refer to schools and academic organisations as Centres. “Centre” refers to the academic organisation and not to a NICAS Primary centre, Awarding Centre (The Rockblok) or climbing wall.

In order to use the EdExcel Indoor Climbing GCSE (PE) syllabus, the onus is on the academic organisation to seek approval from EdExcel.

The Centre must contact EdExcel to say they want to do the indoor version of GCSE climbing. EdExcel will send them the syllabus along with other necessary documentation under the ‘Meeting Local Needs’ basis. The Centre take this syllabus to their local climbing facility, a NICAS AC or PC, who may then deliver and assess for GCSE using the criteria laid down by EdExcel.

If a school contacts an AC or PC and say they want to do EdExcel GCSE PE Indoor Climbing, the AC / PC is responsible for delivery but only after the academic organisation has contacted EdExcel to seek formal approval.

Candidates may follow the EdExcel syllabus without being registered for NICAS, however they will not receive NICAS logbooks or certificates as they achieve each level. If they wish, they can register for NICAS at a later date and retrospectively log their progress to be allowed Direct Entry to the appropriate level of the Scheme.

For more information please call our centre on: 01780 460060 or drop us an email:


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