Rockblok Adventure Extreme Party Package

“An Unforgettable Experience For Young Adventurers”

Arrive and prepare equipment, fit harnessess and helmets in readiness for action.

Guided by our team of ‘experts’ you will need to navigate your way around the lofty heights of our high ropes course crossing the wobbly platform, Indiana bridge,  X ropes and see – saw walk to recover a valuable stash of emergency rations before abseiling down to base camp.

With your team all firmly on the ground you will learn the art of Den and Shelter building.

Once your shelters are built and in place to protect you from the elements you will need to create warmth and heat from which to cook your camp fire rations!!

Finally all adventurers will be rewarded for their success and achievements and will recieve a Rockblok Certificate of Merit.


Rockblok Adventure Extreme Party Package Price: 6 children at £130 thereafter £13 per person.

For children age 8+

To book or for more information please call us on 10780460060 or drop us an email at




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