Progression of a young explorer: Hannah Wright | Rockblok

I have been involved with the RockBlok for about seven years now, starting as a young climber never having climbed before, then progressing to wanting develop my skills and understanding about rock climbing and the outdoors. After coming to climb at the RockBlok fairly regularly with my family and attending a ‘Climb on Real Rock’ day with Steve (Rockblok centre manager), I plucked up courage to ask for a job. Here I am 6 summers later still working here and still loving the challenge it brings and the interaction with a huge variety of people.


Outdoor activities have always been an interest of mine and they have developed from just a hobby into a job and a lifestyle. Since joining the RockBlok team I have developed a broader knowledge of the outdoor industry and how young people can learn so much from taking part in adventurous activities. Pushing people slightly out of their comfort zone, in an environment they may not be used to encourages personal development through gaining an understanding of personal values and limits and it also encourages people to work as a team, helping each other to achieve and sharing the experience. The RockBlok in my opinion provides an excellent facility which caters for all walks of life: individuals, school groups, birthday parties, corporate groups and disability groups, allowing adventure in a safe and controlled environment.


 Since graduating from university in July I have taken on an internship with the British Exploring Society which offers adventurous expeditions to young people, working with a very similar ethos to how we operate here at the RockBlok. Personal development and team work are the focus and this is achieved by using outdoor education as a vehicle. Working in this industry has really highlighted to me the importance of getting people into the outdoors at a young age.


I have been very lucky throughout the last year to have been able to get outdoors a lot myself, developing my skills in the outdoors and my leadership abilities. In early March was chosen as one of 4 young people to take park in the Land Rover Discovery Adventure Challenge which saw me travel to Geneva to work along some of the worlds greatest explorers: Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Kenton Cool, Hannah White, Eric Louizeau and Ben Saunders. It was such a privilege to be able to chosen in the quest to find the next generation of explorer. I only hope I can live up to this and keep planning adventures. All of this stemmed from spending a lot of my childhood in the outdoors and a large proportion of that dangling off ropes at the RockBlok.


 Come climb with us here at the RockBlok and be inspired just as I was.


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