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We’ve been having great fun this summer here, our summer club has proved particularly enjoyable. This Friday we had a group joining us for a day of fun, challenge and discovery. From fire lighting to high ropes, climbing to orienteering, those taking part tackled each challenge with enthusiasm.

Although none of the group had met each other before, starting the day with some problem solving challenges broke the ice and got everybody working together as a team. How would they cross the ‘acid river’ without any of their team stepping into the poisoned ‘water’? And how many of their team could they fit onto the Island of Safety?

Having got to know each other better, the group moved on to tackle the climbing wall. Although everyone had attempted the wall before, new skills were learnt with all reaching the top of both easier and more challenging routes such as the infamous chimney climb! The elation that accompanies success enjoyed by all.

All re-fuelled and ready to go after lunch, the weather took a turn for the worse, with a torrential downpour the decision was made to stay indoors! But with orienteering and navigation next on the schedule, the group used the time to look at a map of the area and learned how to use a compass. Luckily, with the rain clearing, it was time to set off to explore the surrounding countryside. The group learned how to take a bearing, and had fun testing each other to locate distant landmarks in relation to the map and ground in front of them.

Our group headed back to The Rockblok (on a bearing of 130!), where Oli had prepared stone fire pits in readiness to give a demonstration on how to light a camp fire with the minimal of equipment and materials before the group split into pairs, creating their own fire (and with a little help) all soon had a camp fire burning, warming us from the chill of the passing rain showers.


For the final  and long awaited activity of the day our group  took to the high ropes. Still full of energy, everyone zoomed around the course only to be slowed by the added challenge of working together as a team relaying a bucket of water around in the hope that they still had some left on returning the bucket back to the start point.


With time flying by, parents arrived to pick up the weary adventurers who left with beaming smiles after a great day, somehow not tired but still full of energy! It was quite clear that a great day was had by all.

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