Rockblok Fear of Heights Course

Fear holds people back, we know this because we also feel fear at some time or another especially the Fear of Heights.


A fear of heights is a natural instinct, but it affects some people more than others. At its worst it can prevent you from accomplishing all sorts of things that are within your capability. Luckily, there are steps you can take to deal with it – we all have the potential to overcome our fears.

Taking the first steps are always the hardest and most difficult! (Fiona’s Story)

It’s important to stress there’s nothing ‘irrational’ about an anxiety in the presence of a large, potentially fatal drop. Wariness around heights is an inbuilt survival tool.

Here at our centre we see many people both adults and children freeze and get gripped by panic. Sometimes this happens before even attempting to leave the ground, or having just taking a few steps up. To carry on only means filling oneself with paralysing dread, but over the years we have developed many strategies to help people with this allowing them to achieve their goals.

The key to overcoming and coping with all this is to be equipped with a combination of mental and physical readiness, which we believe can be obtained through guidance, practice and instilling within oneself a new found confidence. You can never fully overcome the fear of heights reflex (remember its a survival instinct), but you can learn to manage it allowing yourself to be in control without the dreaded fear.

The more time you take to acclimatise yourself to heights the more you will slowly gain back control mentally and physically. The more you familiarise yourself with heights the more you will be able to trust your body, mind and feet to do what you want them to do. You will start to feel you are in control and the mental confidence will follow and grow stronger.

Practice, as ever, makes perfect.

Getting to this stage for most seems impossible and unattainable, remember “taking the first steps are always the hardest and most difficult”, we will help you with these steps and be with you along the way until your ready to go it alone. Our accredited instructors, with their advice and wealth of experience will immediately instil trust, confidence and friendship to diminish those first flight nerves bolstering up your own capabilities.

Many of us have been in situations where we think there is no way we can do a given thing, whether it’s to play a new instrument, do a presentation or sing in front of an audience. Remember this though, all of those famous orchestra players, singers and successful presenters started by practising, progression being the key to success.

The moment when you actually do it is a revelation, one which will unlock new realms of confidence, exploration and possibilities. Sometimes it takes another person to give you your confidence the helping hand you need to do the thing in the first place. Gradually improving your ability and achieving your goals will help replace those bad experiences with good ones.


The Rockblok Outdoor Centre, Bull Brigg Lane, Whitwell, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 8BL

Cost per person: £150 (includes 2 days tuition/tea/coffee/biscuits)

*Dates (2018):

  • 23rd/24th April
  • 8th/9th October
  • 10/11 November

*Courses and bespoke courses can be arranged and tailored to your needs, please contact our centre for details (minimum 4x people).

All courses subject to availability, course directors hold the right to cancel courses where conditions may be unsuitable or where numbers fall below 4 participants.

Course start time:
  • 9.30 am until 4.00 pm
Course overview:

Intro to course –

Understanding fear and fear of heights (what makes us feel this way/understanding the mechanics)


Developing trust/confidence/self believe and progression

Taking the first steps

Review and understand our reactions

Bigger steps

Time to plan time to relax time to do

Understanding when to fear and how to control this

Review/sum-up/where next

For more information and to book Book onto one of our courses please call us on:

1780 460060

Or drop us an email at:

All courses subject to availability, course directors hold the right to cancel courses where conditions may be unsuitable or where numbers fall below 4 participants.


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