Rockblok | The Big-Big Day Christmas Day and The Big Day Out

Come on we all love Christmas deep down don’t we? The build up, the logistics of making it happen, getting together with family and friends, the Christmas tree and don’t forget giving and receiving (PRESENTS!) adventure gear..

However! Other than the “Big-Big Day” there’s the “Big Day Out” a trip away, an adventure to be had. Here at Rockblok we understand the importance of having a Big Day Out”. We too were kids once (we still are, still having adventures). The looking forward to, the planning and preparation (kit-faff), the banter and chit-chat, the apprehension and nerves, the “what goodies and grub should I pack”. Will I wear my crazy worn out but comfortable old T-shirt, trainers and jacket! What will it be like, what should I expect. Will my friends be thinking the same? I know I’ll ask! Yes similar, same, well on most things, weren’t to sure on me taking the kitchen sink, (no room in the rucksack anyway) dam!

So remember, we and the kids love adventures a “Big Day Out”, so be sure to make it happen, memories will be made, friendships created and strengthened, new places discovered and visited, new skills learned.

A lot to be had from a “Big Day Out”, we look forward to sharing it with you!

Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year from all at the Rockblok.

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