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Recruiting – Part time Seasonal Employment – Outdoor Industry

Instructing – Coaching – Training – Hard Work – House Keeping – Presentation – Meeting and Greeting – Safety – Organizing – Leading


Hard work – you will need to work

TEAM work – being able to work within a TEAM

Money – yes you get paid

Training – yes you will undergo training, lots

Delivering – activities, climbing, high ropes, bush craft, navigation, team building, soft archery, outdoor crafts

Instructing and Supervising and Leading – our activities

Being Organised and Well Presented – you must be organised, smart and well presented

House Keeping – you will need skills in sweeping, dusting, washing of pots, tidying and cleaning

Communication – be able to communicate clearly and with confidence

You Will

Experience being and working within a well organized and motivated TEAM

Work in a varied, fast moving dynamic environment

Need to operate safe and efficiently, this is paramount within our working environment

Be valued and supported throughout

Learn new skills

Meet people and create new friendships

Be a role model for our younger customers

Be in a position to encourage, support and motivate people along being able to understand and empathise

Be outdoors come rain or shine

Who should apply?

The position will be most suited to those age 18 and above however consideration will be given to those who are age 16-17. Be available to work weekends and bank holidays throughout the spring and summer. Ideally you will have your own transport as a certain amount of flexibility will be needed with regard to working hours. Be able to work with a range of people including children, all ability groups and adults.

To apply please forward a CV to:

Stephen Boylan (Centre Manager)

The Rockblok, Bull Brigg Lane, Whitwell, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 8BL

or E-Mail:

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