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Build and strengthen your classroom community via fun and adventure in the outdoors.

Learning outside of the classroom is fun and exciting. We find that most children will relish the opportunity to take part in an adventurous journey, lets say “The Big Day Out”.

As a community within a classroom it is important to work closely and to understand each other, not only student to student but teacher to students, student to teachers. Equipped with this understanding, goals challenges and outcomes we believe will be easier to achieve and or overcome.

The Big Day Out with us here at Rockblok will certainly provide opportunities for learning and understanding how to communicate and to build trust within your classroom environment. How to encourage and to understand-how others may feel when put into a challenging situation and how individuals react and deal with this.

Our centre offers students the chance to stretch themselves in a safe and supportive surrounding. We like to encourage children to work together and often find that individuals who may not normally communicate with each other begin to actively support one another, this in itself is community building.

Taking part in something adventurous often highlights not only to ourselves but to others our skills and also our fears, the latter being the one that we may not feel comfortable sharing, or for others to see. The importance here is to openly discuss that being uncomfortable in certain situations is something we all feel at sometime or another, by supporting each other we can deal with and overcome these challenges, this in turn instils into us that asking for help when we feel unsure is acceptable and a positive thing to do (we are learning to trust) and may help us achieve personal goals. This may become evident when students are struggling with course work, undergoing tests and or further on taking exams, being able to communicate ones anxieties is important in achieving positive outcomes.

So having “The Big Day Out” for the kids in the classroom community is something more than a trip out from school, yes its “great fun” and should be, it will tick the key stage curriculum requirements but don’t ignore the hidden benefits and learning that may go unnoticed but are so very important to our growth, achievements and well being.

We are keen to work with you in helping your students to grow and learn in turn strengthening your classroom and school community and look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to know more about our Activity days (“The Big Day Out”) please give us a call, drop us an e-mail. You can see past posts also by following the links below.

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