National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (NICAS)

What is NICAS?

The National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (NICAS) is a UK-wide scheme designed to promote climbing development and
accredit individual achievement on artificial climbing structures. Every week thousands of people climb indoors and outdoors on purpose-built artificial climbing walls. For many the climbing wall is their first introduction to the absorbing world of climbing. The Association of British Climbing Walls (ABC) is concerned that high standards should be encouraged early on in a participant’s climbing career so that both safety and enjoyment can be maximised to the full.

Who is NICAS for?

It can be used as a starting point for people wishing to take up climbing and mountaineering. Here at Rockblok its open to all candidates aged 8 and upwards.

How will a NICAS course benefit me?

The National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme will provide the structure and motivation for new climbers to develop their skills in order that they may gain the most out of their climbing as well as having their achievements recognised.

How can I join a NICAS course?

To join our next NICAS training course, contact us today.

What are the prices and when can I get started?

Open to children from ages 8 and onwards.

Limited space available.

Pre-book only.

Times and Prices

Level 1 and 2 courses commencing from

Level 1:

Sat 7th April 2018

Level 2:

Level 2 course start date:

Sat 7th April 2018 (subject to take up and will only run where four + candidates are booked)

Sat 19th April 2018

Saturday mornings from 10.00am to 11.30pm
From £52.50pp for six 1.5 hour sessions (including registration and log book).

(Course prices and dates maybe subject to change)

How do I find out more?

For more information on the NICAS scheme, visit the NICAS website:

To join our next NICAS training course, contact us today!